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  • Fractal Music Program  v.1.00This program generates music from image of Mandelbrot Set. I think beautifulness of Mandelbrot set image is repetitions of small circles on the outline. To bring this beautifulness, the program trace the outline and compose music from degrees of ...
  • Fractal Tune Smithy  v.3.0Create beautiful fractal music intricate as snowflakes. Vary parameters and hear the tunes transformed! Play in historical or exotic tunings with music keyboard or PC. keyboard, also retune compositions. Play chord progressions.
  • ArtSong  v.7.2.0ArtSong™? is a versatile MIDI-based algorithmic music composition system for Windows® computers. ArtSong™? provides a variety of algorithms to Compose and harmonize melodies, Compose countermelodies and 'counterpoint', Generate chord ...
  • Virtual Music Composer  v.4.01This program reduces the time you spend on composing music.
  • FractalSaver  v.1.0FractalSaver is a Win32 screen saver application which displays an animation of a fractal image and plays ...
  • The Polynomial: Space of the music for Mac OS  v.1.04A 3D spaceflight music game with abstract, mathematically generated scenery and models which are set to the music of your choice. You fly around in a very strange universe, shoot the enemies, meet and protect the friends, collect bonuses, fly ...
  • Background Music Component  v.1.0Background Music Component provides your applications with background music. The component lets your application looks more featured. Just drop it to your main form in Delphi or C++ Builder and enjoy a background music in your application.
  • Music Masterworks  v.4.29Make your own music with our award-winning voice-to-note music composition software. With Music Masterworks you can compose by just singing into your microphone. Edit the song using piano roll or staff notation with a simple mouse/touch interface.
  • Music Wizard Professional  v.6.0.1Music Organizer, freedb support, MP3 scanner, MP3 Copy/Move/Rename functions, ID3-Tag Writer, Offline-CD-Archive with more than 440,000 CDs, Cover & Label printing, powerful search and sort functionality, Lending, Compilation support, CD-Player.
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